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  • Before that I Continuously made Mistake in my share trading, and I Don’t know how to overcome. Selecting Wrong stock, wrong timing, don’t Have cut loss strategy. After the course I’m able to gain confident which enhance My possibilities in winning. I learn how To read chart, selecting stocks etc. Thank you so much for your patience
    In coaching me.

    Author's imageYeap Siew Lim60, Johor Bahru
  • True Academy Technical Analysis course is very useful, i was buy blind & follow herd before, and end up made big loses. After i joined TA class, it makes me more confident in every trade & spot a potential counter easily.

    Author's imageZaki45, Seremban
  • A good platform to escalate ur trading skill and place to have a very humble and helpful trainer.

    Author's imageAkil Muharram36, KL
  • Stock gambling is trading without knowledge and plan. I already complete my course. So I am not a gambler….haha

    Author's imageAzman Mat Nor53, KL
  • Superb and I’ve gained knowledge to be True Chartist

    Author's imageMohd Edli Shah37, Selangor
  • This is where we learn the basic of technical analysis for share trading. YES! It’s a superb courses lead by a group of guru. Thanks to True Academy…. I am now able to pick the best stock on my own & made stable passive income from KLSE.

    Author's imageErnest Soon37, Selangor
  • Course provided is really worth it. With the knowledge attained, i have more confidence and accuracy in picking stocks. Another plus point is the stock screener that comes with it; a valuable tool and also the timely advice/support given by the gurus..Thank you True Academy.

    Author's imageWai YueKL
  • The technical analysis techniques learnt from True Academy help me to gauge a stock more precisely, more importantly, help me to determine entry point and exit point when i take a trade.

    Author's imageEK Tan31, Selangor
  • I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning to trade come to True Academy. I appreciate the clear and a very systematic approach to trading the
    markets. With each class my trading performance is improved. Good training for moving from a novice to a professional trader with confidence.

    Author's imageJimmy Chong35, Sabah
  • The course truly revealed the secret of trading in KLSE. Before join this course I don’t even know why I lose. Now I get it understand after go through the course, how are the “Big Boys” play, what is the secret for Gap Up stock and also potential 100% stock pick!!! Fast grab your seat now!

    Author's imageKL FOONG28, Ipoh
  • Welcome to our family of traders! Trading is a competition between two sides where there is always a winner and a loser. In the True Academy course, you’ll learn a simple, rules – based strategy which is designed to keep you on the winning side. This core strategy helps you to identify key market turning points and major moves in advance. True Academy focuses on stock trading, although the skills and discipline you will learn are applicable to any asset class.

    Author's imageShin Hui28, Ipoh
  • After attending this Stock Market Technical Analysis workshop, my trading knowledge and skill have improved tremendously. Now, I know how to analyst and pick stocks that have potential. Also, I can see I have more winning trades than before. I highly recommend this workshop to those who interested in stock trading.

    Author's imageKory Chong35, Cheras
  • The real power of a human is Their knowledge, Getting the right Mindset, having adequate knowledge, And building up confidence are The vital parts in becoming a Successful trader. But, wait! Where Do you get all this from? I personally Recommend True Academy course Because without it, I wouldn’t be This successful. I can affirm that.

    Author's imageKaviyarasu19, Kuala Lumpur
  • That was the best technical stock trading/investing class for everyone who want to start to learn to trade/invest in Malaysia stock market. The insight knowledge of the bursa is totally different from other global market such as US stock market. It is critical for anyone who want to be successful in Malaysia stock trading/investing.

    Author's imageHins30 , Semenyir
  • Excellent and fantastic course! Imparting great value and opened my insights in investment!

    Author's imageLS FUNG31, Singapore
  • After completed the course, you will know how to earn profit in this market. Useful & Power. Thanks to True Academy

    Author's imageJoel, Teck Wei29, Melacca
  • Thanks. True Academy has inspired me a lot, now I manage to pick good stocks to trade and gain profit.

    Author's imageJason31 , Kuantan